Svašek Hydraulics

Coastal, harbour and river engineering consultants


Svašek Hydraulics was founded in 1969 by Honzo Svašek (1926 - 1994). He was born in Czechoslovakia and became a scientist at Rijkswaterstaat in The Netherlands after his MSc graduation at Delft University of Technology in 1955.

Honzo was an inspiring scientist, but not a strong business manager. After an initial period of growing business, the company came in bad weather. In 1984 he stepped down as General Manager and he appointed Bram Bliek (at age of 28) to take over his seat.

In 1986 Honzo transferred the ownership of the company to “Ingenieurs- en Architectenbureau De Weger BV”. Svašek shared office with De Weger already since 1978.

In the following years Svašek Hydraulics stabilised. Svašek became a specialist company with its own policy and accounts under the umbrella of De Weger. The company contributed to the growing business of De Weger Adviesgroep each and every year.

In 1998 De Weger merged with Royal Haskoning, followed by a restructuring of the ‘old’ businesses under central management in 2002.

In 2003 Svašek Hydraulics and Royal Haskoning agreed on a management buy-out.

As from April 2003 Svašek Hydraulics is fully independent. This independent position is underlined by the move of Svašek Hydraulics from the old office (Heer Bokelweg 145, Rotterdam, since 1982) to the new inspiring location at the Schiehaven in Rotterdam in February 2005.