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SWAN is a numerical wave model to obtain realistic estimates of wave parameters in coastal areas, lakes and estuaries from given wind-, bottom-, and current conditions.

SWAN is a third-generation wave model which computes random, short-crested wind-generated waves in coastal regions and inland waters. It is fully spectral in frequencies and directions. SWAN accounts for the following physics:

  • wave propagation, shoaling, refraction due to current and depth;
  • wave generation by wind;
  • three- and four-wave interactions;
  • white capping, bottom friction, and depth-induced breaking;
  • wave induced set-up;
  • transmission through and reflection from obstacles;
  • wave diffraction.

SWAN computations can be made on a regular, curvi-linear or unstructured grid in a cartesian or spherical co-ordinate system. The use of nested runs allows for higher resolutions in the area of interest.

SWAN provides among others the following output :
  • one- and two-dimensional spectra;
  • significant wave height and mean wave period;
  • average wave direction and directional spreading;
  • one- and two-dimensional spectral source terms;
  • wave-induced force and set-up.

Svašek Hydraulics has linked SWAN directly to the hydrodynamic model FINEL2D and to the morphological package MORFIN.