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WAQUA is a water movement and water quality simulation system, able to perform two-dimensional computations. It is used for hydrodynamic and water quality simulation of well mixed estuaries, coastal seas and rivers.

A part called TRIWAQ is incorporated for three-dimensional computations. The system enables the user to simulate stationary flow patterns, transport of dissolved substances, temperature distribution and sediment transport (User guide WAQUA, RWS). TRIWAQ follows the approach of a vertical hydrostatic pressure distribution, i.e. the vertical accelerations are neglected.

Svašek has developed several WAQUA/TRIWAQ models for the Dutch coast, estuaries and rivers by order of Rijkswaterstaat.

Besides developing has Svašek expertise on using WAQUA models in a decision-making process.

The added animations are computed with the KUSTSTROOK-model (WAQUA).