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Marsaxlokk Port Development, Malta

Malta Freeport Corporation Ltd., Kalafrana, Malta

Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta

1989 - 1998

Evaluation wave climate inside harbour, optimisation harbour layout (using HARES).

Artist impression new port development Realised new port, 1999

In Marsaxlokk Bay at the south east side of the Island of Malta a new container harbour has been developed (Malta Freeport). After implementation of a breakwater and part of the terminals in a previous phase of the project, it was concluded that the wave climate in the harbour in front of the quay walls was so extensive that port operations were hampered significantly. Svašek Hydraulics was asked to make a redesign of the harbour lay-out aiming at reduction of the wave disturbance to acceptable levels. This new lay out is being implemented in the period 1989-1998.

The following services were provided:

  • evaluation of original development plans in view of the wave climate inside the harbour
  • optimisation of harbour lay out in view of the wave climate using the mathematical wave penetration model HARES
  • guidance of nautical study
  • execution of long term wave monitoring programme
  • miscellaneous studies during construction