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Optimisation connection of the Lek channel to the River Lek

Rijkswaterstaat, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Connection of the Lek channel to the River Lek, near the city of Nieuwengein

2000 (study)

Development WAQUA and FINEL model of Lek area, morphological study, hydraulic study

Currents with WAQUA Currents with FINEL

To improve the connection of the Lek canal to the River Lek the hydraulic and morphological effects of several alternative junctions were investigated by Royal Haskoning, Svašek Hydraulics. For the modelling of the hydraulic effects two different 2DH models were used: WAQUA and FINEL.
Both models were calibrated using ADCP current measurements in several lines across and parallel to the river. FINEL showed better results and was further used as the design tool for the hydraulic design.

The hydraulic design comprises the development of eddies in the entrance of the Lek cannel and the impact of these eddies on the maintenance dredging volumes.

Besides the hydraulic study a morphological study was executed to determine the impact of the several junction configurations on the river bed.