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River calculations Vecht and IJssel delta

Rijkswaterstaat / RIZA

Vecht and IJssel river, The Netherlands


Hydraulic conditions

In the Northwest part of the Netherlands the rivers IJssel and Vecht are the main rivers which flow into the IJsselmeer. Together with the Kampenereiland this area is called the Vecht and IJssel delta. In the delta the Ramspolkering is build for safety reasons.

The Dutch ministry of Public Works asked Royal Haskoning and Svašek Hydraulics to calculate the hydraulic conditions for the main dikes in the Vecht and IJsseldelta.
Therefore Svašek carried out 4500 calculations with the WAQUA model of the delta, with different combinations of wind speed, wind direction, river discharge and failure of the Ramspolkering. All the results were automatically checked before they were used in the next calculation. Finally the high water levels with an exceedance probability of 1/4000 year were calculated.

The calculations were also used to get knowledge of the hydraulic system of the Vecht and IJssel delta.